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Student Competitions

2018 LSPA Student Competitions
are open now (until Sept. 26, 2018)

Submissions should be postmarked
and/or emailed by Wednesday, Sept. 26


The LSPA 2018 Fall Conference is Thursday, Nov. 8 at the LSU Student Union.

To Register for Conference:   LSPA2018ConferenceReg

LSPA sponsors three high school student media competitions annually:

  1. BROADCAST CONTEST:  broadcast_contest2018
  2. NEWSPAPER CONTEST:  newspaper_contest2018
  3. YEARBOOK CONTEST:  yearbook_contest2018


  • LSPA high schools are divided into three divisions defined by enrollment size: small (below 500), medium (between 500  and 800), and large (more than 800).
  • For each competition, first, second and third place category winners in each division will receive certificates, and trophies will be awarded to best overall winners.  In the past, we’ve had a LSPA Sweepstakes trophy, which is based on the number of category and best overall awards earned.
  • Judges will critique each entry using a rating sheet as a guide. Awards will be given based on the number of points earned.
  • The membership year will begin in the fall of 2018. All schools will need to renew membership and to fill out the registration form.
  • Entrance in each competition involves a fee.

(This list is based on prior years’ categories.
Categories for the 2018 event are subject to change)

 NEWSPAPER CATEGORIES:   (subject to change)

  • Writing:
    • News Story (Advance or Coverage)
    • Editorial Writing
    • Personal Column
    • Personality Feature
    • School Organization or Activity
    • All Other Feature (excluding sports)
    • Headline Writing
    • Sports Game or Tournament Coverage
    • Sports Season Preview or Recap
    • Sports Feature (including profile)
    • Sports Column
  • Art and Graphics:
    • Infographic
    • Cartoon Strips
    • Editorial / Political Cartoon
  • Best:
    • Best Online Paper
    • Best Print Paper
    • Best Social Media Presence

BROADCAST CATEGORIES  (category descriptions are on entry form)

  • Sportscast
  • Newscast
  • New Story (hard news)
  • News Feature (soft news)
  • Skit / Narrative / Short Film
  • Videography
  • Commercial / PSA / Promo / Hype

YEARBOOK CATEGORIES  (subject to change)

  •  Best Overall Yearbook: This category is an aggregate sum of all the elements below. Without considering the yearbooks for all the categories together, it would be difficult to judge which entries qualify to be called the “Best Overall Yearbook.” Be sure to let us know what pages you wish to be considered for all the categories and sub-categories below.
  • Design: Cover design includes hand or computer-generated artwork or photography used on the cover. Design of inside pages includes best practices in the use of fonts, photographs and text to convey a story in print form so that it is visually appealing; appropriate use of white space, captions, photo bleeds, margins and consistent spacing.
  • Theme Development / Organization: Include 2 pages that demonstrate the yearbook’s theme. Judged on design, creativity, originality, use of space and continuity.
  • Coverage / Division Pages: Include two of any of the below listed division pages. Judged on design, creativity, originality, use of space and continuity. Examples: Student Life Spread; Academic Spread; Clubs/Organizations Spread; Class Section.
  • Photography: Examples Sports Photo: Submit any non-portrait photo directly related to sporting events. Feature Photo: Photos should be non-portrait, non-sports photos that create a special effect or entertain, appeal to the emotions, and accompany a feature story or stand alone on a page with a cutline.
  • Copy: Writing of copy is to be judged on clarity, style, completeness and appropriate form. Examples Sports Writing (sports-related copy or articles). Feature Writing (non-sports-related copy or articles). Is the copy easy to read? Is it written well, free of grammatical errors and without any typographical errors? Does it have a well written lead? Does it tell a story?


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